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What does the density of cold foam mattresses say?

The density of a cold foam mattress tells how many kilograms of the polyurethane foamed for one cubic meter of cold foam. For cold foam mattresses, the density (also abbreviated to RG) is an important feature for high quality: the larger the density, the higher the quality of the cold foam mattress. If the density is low, less material was foamed. Therefore, in this case, the pores are larger, life is less and it is easier to cool in the mattress.

What should I look for when buying a cold foam mattress?

The high-quality cold foam mattresses are popular and are often bought by many people. The specially-machined profiles and milled grooves fit the human anatomy perfectly and ensure an ergonomic feeling when lying down. If the quality of the cold foam mattress is good, it will last up to ten years. Thereafter, it should be replaced for hygienic reasons, however, against a new mattress.

The following things should be considered when buying a cold foam mattress:

  • The density of the cold foam mattress should be at least 40 kilograms per cubic meter.
  • Anyone suffering from allergies or MSC should choose an ecologically certified cold foam mattress. This ensures that the cold foam mattress is completely odorless once it has been unpacked and ventilated.
  • Up to seven zones in the cold foam mattress ensure optimum comfort when sleeping. Anyone who already complains of back pain should choose a cold foam mattress with seven zones. For light people with a healthy back, on the other hand, a three- or five-zone cold foam mattress is enough. The zones ensure that the body is optimally supported while sleeping and that the spine is kept as straight as possible.
  • Each person sleeps differently and prefers a different mattress: Whether a cold foam mattress is suitable, shows an individual test sleep. If the manufacturer gives five or ten years warranty, the cold foam mattress is of high quality.

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